Pupil Reviews

After a student passes their driving test with me I ask them to write a review of my teaching. Here I have reproduced their testamonials exactly as they wrote them. You will often find these repeated on Yell or my Facebook page. I let these comments speak for themselves. You could be the next person I’ll be asking to review, why not get in touch and let’s get you driving!

Elie Kent

Elie Kent passes   First time with Mark Tuttle

I wasn’t a confident learner, but after a few months of lessons with Mark I passed first time! He taught me to how to be a good driver and not just how to pass the test. I absolutely recommend him – thank you Mark!

Alex Taylor

Mark has been an exceptional instructor throughout my tuition and has given me great confidence going forward in my driving now that I have passed. Punctual, patient and encouraging, Mark really helps you get to grips with what starts out being a complicated task, but by the end is an enjoyable and rewarding skill. Mark’s knowledge of the local test centres and roads is second to none and I can’t recommend him highly enough. 

Matt Reeve

I can highly recommend Mark as an independent driving instructor serving the north of Norwich and surrounding villages. Always punctual and professional with a calm and methodical manner, communication between lessons was reliably clear and consistent. A good conversationalist with a sense of humour helps greatly when you are in a car for many hours together!
Lesson days, times and start/finish locations have a degree of flexibility which helped considerably whilst having to make arrangements around work and childcare commitments.
His dual control Kia is spotlessly clean and well maintained and is a very easy car to drive. It’s also not emblazoned with loud graphics making you feel like you are driving a clown car unlike some other instructors or franchises.
Each lesson was reviewed at the end with targets and progressions logged as well as areas for improvement and how best to approach these learning challenges in the following session.
Sessions would often involve visiting the test centre and the surrounding test routes to familiarise yourself with what to expect on test day. After failing my test twice many years ago I was very happy to have passed this time around with only a few minors thanks to Marks supervision

James Schute

I passed first time with Mark and would highly recommend his tuition. From day one he got me behind the wheel and he taught me more than just the basics. He gets you through the elements of driving with lots of time to perfect manoeuvres before your test. Really grateful for his time and tuition.

James Suwali

I failed twice with my first instructor as I have an anxiety disorder which means without clear defined instruction I struggle to learn and master new skills. I then changed over to mark and passed first time with him, despite the fact I was incredibly anxious before hand. Mark has a very relaxed and professional method of teaching that’s sure to put you at ease if like me you have problems with anxiety, I’d definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive 👍

Comment from Anne-Marie Pound (James’s Mum)

I’ll second that. James has grown in confidence so much since he started lessons with Mark. He gave James clear , concise instruction and encouraged him to believe that he could drive. Today Mark’s support got James to his driving test and through it. He’s definitely a 5 star driving instructor. I would have no hesitation in recommending him!

Philip Leadbitter

Mark has been excellent driving instructor. He has been supportive if we where I needed but also pushed me at the right points to go out of my comfort zone to build confidence in my driving without being a dangerous road user. He always made sure that I learnt from mistakes, no matter how small, and turned those negative experiences into something positive. As well as being a great teacher Mark was also fun to be in a car, bringing a great personality to the role and making the lessons personal. If you need a driving instructor in or around Norwich I would thoroughly recommend his services

Lizzy Marlow

About 4 years ago when I was 17 I had driving lessons but then started uni and stopped, in February I decided to restart driving lessons but this time here in Norwich where I’m now living. I was so anxious and nervous to start learning to drive again, but mark has been absolutely brilliant at supporting me and encouraging me through my theory test (which had expired) and my practical test. He is really knowledgeable and explains information in a way that is easy to understand. With his support my confidence with driving has improved; I’m so glad I found him and have now passed second time with 5 minors. Thank you so much Mark!

Ryan Gilchrist

Fantastic tuition. Mark recognises that driving is not just a means to an end for passing your test, and teaches you the skills that will keep you driving safely long afterwards!

The car (Kia Rio) is also perfect for learning in, as it doesn’t contain any unecessarily complicated bits for new drivers.

Passed first time with two driving faults (‘minors’), and couldn’t be happier. Would highly recommend.

Anya Newton

Mark was a great driving instructor and put me at ease from the first lesson! He explained everything very clearly and I felt confident when driving. I passed my driving test first time, so thanks Mark ! 

Thomas Ball

Mark is an excellent teacher and all round good influence in a car. He not only explains how to ‘pass the test’, he also explains everything so that you understand why you need to drive in a certain way. He quickly identified my weak areas and I rapidly improved with his guidance.

Amy Oxbury (review by dad, Kevin)

Mark is a great driving instructor with lots of patience and a wealth of experience. Our Daughter enjoyed her driving lessons and passed her theory and practical tests first time! We have no hesitation in recommending Mark!

Henry Goldsmith

I really enjoyed Mark’s teaching style he really tailored it for my need and we spent more time on things I was struggling on rather than a set routine. Thoroughly enjoyed every lesson and is definitely the best around. He explained how to do everything and the reason behind it. Highly recommended to any learner drivers.

Chris Long

I started learning to drive after taking a week long intensive driving course with a “Highly rated” company in Norwich which resulted with me feeling like I had learnt nothing had been almost put off driving altogether.

A few months later I decided to start looking for a new instructor and came across Mark’s website. During the first lesson Mark pretty much confirmed my thoughts about the intensive course, I needed to start from scratch.

As an instructor, Mark is patient, knowledgeable, honest and above all professional. He didn’t just teach me to pass the test, he taught me to be a good driver. Considering how nervous I was with driving when starting out I consider this quite an achievement!

Mark was affordable and flexible with when I could book in my lessons and would always remind me the day before a lesson with a handy text message.

I’m going to genuinely miss my lessons, learning with Mark was relaxing and we always managed to have a good chat about something that would take my mind off my nerves in the early days.

All in all, I couldn’t recommend Mark highly enough, if you’re on the fence about choosing an instructor I doubt you could do much better.

Cheers Mark!


Heather Butcher

Really enjoyed my lessons with Mark. Was losing hope in learning to drive because with my previous driving instructor in London I was not confident and failed 5 times. However Mark taught me so that I understood everything I was doing and why, corrected any bad old habits and had me driving confidently. He is also super friendly and funny. Highly recommend! 

Ellie Barrett-Dye

Highly recommend! Passed first time which I never thought would happen! And it’s all thanks to mark! Really easy to get along with and makes learning to drive fun but safe! Thankyou mark!

Ashton Drake (review by mum Rhian)


We couldn’t of chosen a better driving instructor for my son very calm, patient & professional Mark had been recommended & we would most certainly recommend Mark

Samantha Butcher


I had put off learning to drive for over a decade because of nerves, but thanks to Mark I have finally gotten over those worries and passed my test. His ethos and approach is precisely what I needed in an instructor; he has taught me how to be a safe, aware and confident driver. I would recommend him to anyone. Plus he’s super funny, which helps! Thanks Mark 

James Mackay (review by Mum, Michele)


Mark was everything I was looking for in a Driving Instructor for my son James. Reliable and easy to communicate with.  James really enjoyed his lessons with Mark and liked the fact that he was always calm.

Thanks Mark for helping James to pass first time!

Kornelia Darvay


I am so happy that I picked Mark as my driving instructor, I can only recommend him for everyone!!! He provides all the help and support you need throughout your lessons and do his best to help you succeed! I’ve just passed my test today and could not be happier with the service I received leading up to the test. Thank you Mark!!!

Susan Taylor

I’ve just passed my driving test first time and would highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!

He’s a really friendly guy and I looked forward to my lessons with him, as we were always able to get in a few laughs and good stories. He was the first driver instructor (i’ve had 3 others!) that I truly felt comfortable with. He was patient, reassuring and explained things throughly, which greatly helped me develop my confidence and skills as a driver. He gave constructive feedback at the end of every lesson and also took into account areas that I personally felt I needed to improve upon. In some lessons he incorporated the use diagrams and props, which really aided the learning process.

Though my work schedule was all over the place, he always managed to fit me in somewhere and was quick to reply to my messages. So if you’re looking to a fab driving instructor, look no more! Mark is your man.

Thank you so much for everything, you’re absolutely brilliant at what you do. See you on the roads!

Michael Lowe

Passed my test first time with Mark. An absolutely fantastic instructor as well as a very friendly guy, he was so patient and friendly. His lessons are structured and run in a professional manner, the benefit of this can be seen by just taking a look at his amazing pass rate. I would recommend him to anyone.

Django Robinson


Mark is an absolutely first class driving instructor. I failed my test very badly a few years ago came back to driving with some trepidation. From the first lesson to the last Mark’s approach to teaching is engaging, well planned and positive, so much so that I really enjoyed the lessons, rather than dreading them as I had done previously, I will honestly miss chatting as we drove on Wednesday mornings. I was instantly put at my ease by his naturally open and cheerful demeanour and the calmness of his teaching style.

I cannot recommend Mark highly enough, he is obviously careful to teach at the pace of the learner and is always happy to keep repeating certain things until you are confidant and happy to move on, which I found invaluable! By the time Mark suggested I put in for my test I felt sure that I was a competent driver, and that I was ready for it, which meant I was far more confidant that I would otherwise have been.
Finally, my driving lessons were totally worth the money, Mark is patient, knowledgeable and a very able and resourceful teacher. Thank you Mark!

Sophia Ansari

I will be recommending Mark to everyone I know! Similar to many others I was nervous about driving due to a previous car accident and was so pleased when I found Mark. He was reassurance, calm and an excellent teacher. It was easy to contact him, change driving lessons and also he text with a helpful reminder the day before. He listened and incorporated things I was worried about and wanted to practice, making me feel in control and progress quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and will miss the chats in the car. I am so grateful to Mark and can never thank him enough for giving me my freedom!

Amy Gardiner

Mark is a fantastic driving instructor and would definitely recommend him. When I started lessons with Mark, I was very anxious about driving due to a bad experience with a different instructor, but Mark made me feel very comfortable and I gained my confidence very quickly.

Mark is an extremely nice man, easy to talk to and made me laugh. He takes the time to explain things thoroughly and is not judgemental. After every lesson I knew I had progressed from the previous one, so I know i was getting my moneys worth. Not at any stage of any of my lessons did I feel uncomfortable or pressured.

‘I’m extremely excited to begin driving’ wasn’t something I would of said at the start of the year, but now its all that I’ve been saying recently and I’m so pleased I have passed! Thanks for all your help Mark!

Will Keatley

I started as a very nervous ‘mature’ (30+) learner and within the first few lessons felt at ease. Mark is very calm in his approach which allowed my confidence to grow. I managed to pass both theory and practical first time under Mark’s instruction and would highly recommend him to future learners (of any age).

Cheers Mark!


Daniel Newby

Very friendly, and professional. Driving with Mark prepared me for my test, and has left me feeling confident when driving. I would definitely recommend driving with Mark even without prior experience!

Matthew Fricker


I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Mark, he was very patient, calm & a great teacher. He’s really friendly and definitely knows how to make you feel comfortable. I managed to pass first time so he must be good ahah! It was easy to contact him if I needed to change a lesson time, he’d always get back to me as soon as possible & he always sent me reminders of my lessons the day before. It can be so hard to choose a driving instructor with so many about but I was first impressed by his webpage & am glad I chose him. I always felt I was progressing well & not being held back practicing things I could already do. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone! Thank you so much!

Callum Mooney


I would highly recommend Mark. He brought reassurance and a sense of calm to an otherwise nerve-wracking first experience. Mark helped me progress at my own pace and massively built up my confidence as a driver. I’ve always looked forward to our lessons together, Mark was always friendly and keeps his cool and will be the only driving instructor you will need.
Thanks again Mark!

Amy Robinson

Will be recommending mark to anyone I know wanting to drive! I started a year ago and was so nervous, today I passed with only two minors all thanks to Mark. He is very patient and has helped my confidence massively. Reliable, friendly and a great driving instructor

Sheree Finch


Highly recommend mark, kind, patient and flexible. Can have a laugh and a natter but teach to a high standard. Can’t recommend him enough!!

Kieran Norman

I would massively recommend Mark. I was so nervous when I first started driving and Mark reassured me I was doing well and my confidence started to build. His teaching style was massively beneficial to me because he was calm and composed the whole time and I felt absolutely no pressure and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only that but Mark shaped each lesson around my individual needs and I massively improved because of it!

Mark is such a friendly person and I felt so comfortable talking to him. Of course we didn’t talk about driving for 2 hours straight!!! We shared so many stories and had some good laughs along the way.

I never thought I would get to where I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Thanks for everything Mark!!!

Elizabeth Chapman

I would thoroughly recommend Mark as a driving instructor, as let’s just say in the beginning I was never the most natural driver, as co-ordination has never been one of my strongest points. He definitely understood I am good at theory, and often felt very frustrated at the start, as I knew what I should do; and what I’d done wrong; but couldn’t quite work out how to put it into practice.

Mark always stayed calm, helped keep me relaxed and was incredibly patient, always trying to find new ways of improving my technique-the reverse slalom was fun! 😉

Eventually we got there, with a smile on my face, and I shan’t forget his Norfolk burr and turn of phrase-very memorable.

Thank you

Georgia Holmes

Georgia Holmes


I can wholeheartedly recommend Mark as a wonderful driving instructor. Over the year I was learning with him I looked forward to our lessons, and cannot thank him enough for being so calm, cool and friendly, especially as to begin with I didn’t know the brake from the clutch! I passed on my second attempt (after a bit of a disaster getting to the test centre!!) and Mark was nothing nothing short of fabulous in supporting me. I cannot thank him enough for all his help and support- I will thoroughly miss him!

Adam Newton

Adam Newton


Would definitely recommend Mark, he gives tips and pointers whilst you are driving to help you feel more comfortable on the road once you pass and go out on your own.

Katy Atyeo

Katy Atyeo

I would highly recommend Mark! He is very patient and understanding especially on the days where he knew I was anxious or frustrated because I couldn’t do something correct. He took his time with me and helped me learn at my own pace. I came to mark because of his experience and good reviews and it was obvious he is brilliant at what he does. He never gave up on me when I nearly gave up on driving. Good prices, lessons filled with fun and lots of learning. Will miss joking around with him! 🙂

Rebecca Newby


I came to Mark with a couple of hours previous driving experience, after starting to learn with a different instructor who I did not get on with. This made me twice as nervous when I began to learn with Mark. No need. I felt comfortable and at ease from my first lesson, and actually began to enjoy driving and driving lessons! Mark is a natural teacher, with the patience and experience to go with it. This was invaluable when it came to both tricky manoeuvres and everyday driving. I was actually quite sad when I passed my test, as I’ll miss having a joke with Mark! I have already recommended my brother to learn with Mark, and would 100% recommend anybody else. One of the best decisions I’ve made.

Ryan Doggett

Ryan Doggett

Mark taught my sister and she got a pass first time and then recommended him to me. I never thought of needin or wanting another driver instructor. I thought I was going to fail first time but I got it first time. I strongly think that it was due to him. Mark does not just tell you what to do to pass a test. He is some one that will teach you how to drive in the real world. Mark will have joke around and you can have a laugh with. I highly doubt you won’t get along with him. I will and have recommended Mark for people that want to learn how to drive.

Martin Trorey

Martin Trorey


Mark is true to his statements on his website – he never once shouted or got agitated with me and realising how anxious I was about learning to drive, he made me relax with a bit of humour and taking things slowly. He does not just teach you how to pass your test; he teaches you how to drive properly.

Given my anxiety and nerves, the fact that he trained me and helped me to pass the test first time within just over 20 lessons is exceptional in my opinion and I cannot recommend him strongly enough.

Alice Schute

Alice Schute passes driving test

A friend of mine recommended Mark and I am very glad they did! Not only is he a fantastic teacher, patient, kind and more than willing to explain anything you don’t understand but he is a lot of fun and very chatty! He doesn’t just teach you in order to pass the test but skills to be used in everyday life. I would highly recommend Mark for anyone looking to learn to drive.

William (Billy) Felstead

Billy Felstead


Mark is the best driving instructor I’ve had and thanks to him I passed first time!!! He is so kind and understanding and has such a great personality! The lessons I had with Mark were very enjoyable and he made me very comfortable and relaxed while driving. Mark takes you at your own pace and makes sure you are comfortable with everything, you also learn skills for everyday life not just to pass a test which is very helpful. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a very nice, very experienced instructor 🙂 Thanks Mark!!

Callum Brown

Callum Brown passes his driving test

Mark is a fantastic driving instructor. He is very calm and has a crazy personality!! Learning was easy with him as he explained everything in ways I could understand. Great prices. Thanks for helping me pass!

Laura Stoakley

Laura Stokely


Would highly recommend… Very laid back..and supportive!

Charlotte Doggett

Charlotte DoggettMark is a great instructor, I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn without hesitation. He is very kind and understanding, and always makes sure that you are comfortable with the different aspects of driving – and is more than happy to go over things again if you feel you need it. Lessons advance at a pace that you are comfortable with.

The atmosphere of his lessons is great, friendly chat was helpful for me in making learning less stressful and more natural. Thanks to Mark I passed on my first attempt and now feel like I can confidently control a car, as well as handle various situations that might arise in everyday driving, not just what was required to tick all the boxes for the test. If you’re looking for an instructor, I suggest that you end your search here!

Karen Dolby

Karen Dolby


I would highly recommend Mark to anyone wanting to learn to drive, especially people who are nervous or lack confidence as he is a very patient man.nothing is to much trouble I’m a ditsy mature female and mark helped me achieve something I never thought possible to pass my test first time and with no minors.

Jack Pye

Jack Pye_2

I started learning with Mark after not getting on with my other driving instructor. Mark was extremely patient, accommodating and just in general a very good teacher. He takes things at your pace with the gentle encouragement for progression and practicing the basics and developing skills, I felt so much more comfortable and at ease learning with Mark. He also he managed to fit my lessons around my hectic schedule which was a massive plus and would even let me finish somewhere just out of the city if it was convenient. He also helped me pass first time. I strongly recommend anyone to learn with Mark! He’s great!

Sophie Whiteside

Sophie Whiteside_2

I would highly recommend Mark Tuttle to new learners or those with some experience. I started driving lessons at home in Northern Ireland but wanted to finish learning while I was studying at University. Mark is an absolutely fantastic teacher and a wonderful character which can be seen through his sense of humour, easy-going personality and is very chatty and friendly. One thing that outshines Mark compared to other instructors is his determination to teach you how to confidently drive for life, not to just pass your test. The experience that I gained from driving around Norwich, tackling different situations and settings was invaluable. Mark adjusts to your capabilities and focuses on your individual needs, using unique teaching methods to help you understand which I didn’t find with other instructors. He was always punctual and reliable and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons with him which were fun and relaxed and also acted as a break from Uni life!!

Keiran Corbett

Keiran CorbettMark helped me pass first time, he was always patient and always based lessons around what I felt I needed to work around. We never spent ages at the side of the road talking we will always doing something to improve my driving ability. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone if you want to learn in a relaxing, productive and fun environment.

Dan Crosby

Dan Crosby

I would recommend Mark to anyone that I know, I have never had a dull lesson with him. I was looking forward to every lesson and now I am going to miss not having a lesson. I would not of passed this quick if it wasn’t for mark, couldn’t of asked for a better instructor! Thanks Mark!

Caroline Craske

Caroline CraskeFantastic Instructor – Highly Recommended
I can highly recommend Mark to brand new learners or to those with some experience. I came to him with some knowledge which he used to expand and improve upon. He has a very laid back personality and is very chatty and friendly. This lasted right up until my driving test where we seemed to be the only instructor-learner talking and laughing in the test centre and set me off in a good mood. Mark’s use of props and learning aids were invaluable and he had a very clear and simple way of explaining things. He got me through to my driving test quickly and efficiently and was well worth the money.

(Caroline worked at The Vue in Norwich at the time and acquired two cinema tickets as a thank you.. all post pass gifts gratefully received – Mark) 🙂

Jess Bennett

Jess BennettMark was an amazing driving instructor, we did everything when i felt ready too and he didnt loose his patience with me throughout the time he was teaching me, i would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor, if it wasnt for him i wouldn’t of passed first time, absolutely brilliant.

Jacob Farrow

Jacob FarrowMark is a great instructor and recommend him. Helped me pass my test quickly. As well as learning also had a laugh and a good chat. Made me feel comfortable when driving. Fully recommend Mark.

Minhui Jian (written by husband Hao)

Minhui Jian_1★★★★★ My wife has just passed her driving test with Mark. Myself was not taught by Mark but how I wish I was. I have encountered a few instructors before, but Mark is the most dedicated, he is always patience, has highly efficient teaching techniques and good sense of humour. A good instructor will not only help you to pass your test, he will also have a lasting impact on how safe you drive in the future, and to me, Mark is clearly the instructor to be with, highly recommended!

(Ed – what the hell happened to the front of my car in this photo? Mark)

Charlie Verrier

Charlie Verrier★★★★★ I’ve been learning with Mark for over a year now with a few hiatuses. It’s fair to say Mark is one of the most patient people I’ve met, and is always focused on keeping you learning but all in a very laid back and friendly atmosphere. All in all making it a pleasure to drive. It’s no wonder I passed first time! 10/10 Cheers, Mark

Amy Hollingworth

Amy Hollingworth★★★★★ I just passed my driving test on the first attempt and would definitely recommend Mark. He is a brilliant driving instructor, with a hands-on approach and a laid-back, friendly personality. I really enjoyed all of my lessons with him; he made my lessons fun and relaxed. Whether you are a confident fast learner or more nervous, Mark adjusts to your capabilities and focuses on your individual needs. I was nervous in the beginning and towards my test, but Mark helped me to focus and keep calm, taking everything at my pace and letting me decide when I was ready for the next step. If you’re unsure about anything at all he will be happy to help, and it especially helps that he explains why to do things and not just how. Ultimately, his aim is to not only get you at a good enough stage to pass, but to make you a confident safe driver for life.

Collin Matsika

Collin MatsikaI strongly recommend Mark Tuttle to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He helped me get my licence in no time. It was easy and enjoyable and i got more confident with each lesson. Even learning how to drive on ’roundabouts’ was enjoyable. He was always punctual, reliable and the communication was great, didn’t let me down at all. A full 10/10 from me.

Anna Currington

Anna CurringtonI found Mark to be friendly and easy going from the start. He explained each detail before asking for it to be done and was always clear and concise. His tips were very helpful, and I would say that it was due to his support and confidence he instilled in me that I passed first time. I would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor!

Natalia Zielonka

Natalia ZielonkaI have passed my driving test and completed the PassPlus course with Mark and I would recommend him to anyone. For a start, Mark is very friendly, calm and understanding. He always tries his best to help you with any problems you have and asks you what you need help with; Mark appreciates that everyone’s needs are different. He doesn’t just teach you to pass the test but to be a confident, good driver. He pays attention to detail and doesn’t just tell how to do things but makes sure you understand why that’s the correct way to do it. Mark really enjoys his job which makes his lessons really enjoyable and relaxed; he is also very experienced. Thank you very much again, Mark!

Alex Craske

Alex Craske

I would recommend Mark to anyone. I had taken driving lessons on and off for far too long to mention so I know a thing or two about driving instructors. I thought Mark had been an instructor for years as he was so calm, patient and confident – but I was one of his first pupils! The key I felt was the way he explained why you do things, not just how and concentrates on the finer details as much as the basic skills – and that’s what you need to get through what is a very thorough examination. If your thinking of learning to drive, go with Mark and you can’t go wrong!

Suze Halifax (mother of James Halifax)

Mark did a fantastic thing for my son. He got him through his driving test. James took lessons with someone we knew and got so frustrated as he kept failing his driving tests. This person had got our daughter through first time some years back so we had confidence in him, but we were wrong. James met Mark and he came to see me. We talked about where James might be going wrong. It seems it was this person we knew who was the problem. Well, Mark took James out to see how good he was and my son was making so many mistakes and getting frustrated. Once Mark started teaching him he became more confident and was driving the way he should. Mark is very good in the way he takes the time and trouble with his pupils that it builds their confidence and teaches them to drive the way that is expected of them when they go in for their driving test. I was over the moon when my son passed first time thanks to Mark. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Ryan Swift

Ryan Swift

With Mark, he helped me to feel comfortable in the car very quickly, he is a great tutor, doesn’t even shout if you do something wrong just talks through it with you. You are guaranteed to have a great time with Mark and also the confidence that you can pass your test.

Dominic Boorman

Dom BoormanMark is a great driving instructor and helped me quickly pick up how to drive. He is friendly and a good laugh, I recommend Mark as a driving instructor as he knows what he is talking about and makes learning to drive enjoyable.

Amilcar Dickie-Johnson (AJ)

Amilcar JohnsonI had two driving instructors before Mark and he is the best one. He made the lessons enjoyable which is important as it can get demotivating at times. Mark did not pressure me, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made as a learner and Mark doesn’t dwell on these mistakes, he uses it to guide the learning, which allowed me to relax and that’s when I performed at my best.

Kelly High

Kelly High

I would definitely recommend using mark for driving lessons, I was extremely nervous about starting but he made me feel very relaxed and built up my confidence throughout. He’s very down to earth and was more like a friend than a teacher, I passed first time and wouldn’t have been able to do it without him!

Ben Taub

Ben Taub

Mark made learning to drive calm, efficient and comfortable during a stressful time, always ready to adapt his teaching and timing in order to accomodate day to day events. I’ve no doubt that without Mark’s help, it would’ve taken me twice as long to learn to drive.

Hannah Catling

Mark’s lessons are focused and fun which makes your learning experience more enjoyable and progressive.

Hannah Catling

Holly Mitchell

Holly Mitchell

Thanks again Mark, you helped rebuild my confidence. Just as I thought I would never get this driving lark, you came along and made it look so easy. I felt very comfortable and calm during lessons. I would highly recommend you to any age, any experience.

Ruby Pearce

Ruby Pearce

Mark is patient and awesome, best driving instructor

Virginia Vargo

Virginia Vargo

Mark was amazing at getting my skills and confidence levels up in time for my test. I had many lessons several years ago and needed to pass quickly because of family commitments. Mark is a patient and calm person who was able to inject humor and fun into each session. I felt in control of my lessons and was able to choose what maneuvers to do in each session, as well as ask to concentrate on particular driving skills which we both agreed I needed to do. Thank you Mark for getting me through my driving test!

Owen Cole

Owen Cole

Mark is very good at what he does. I felt very relaxed while he was teaching me how to drive because of his ability to combine an easy going nature with good professionalism. This is what helped me to pass my own test

Sophie Van Wijk

Sophie Van Wijk

Mark is fun yet professional driving instructor who is sure to get you to passed whilst also enjoying yourself. He doesn’t just get you to pass your test, he teaches you to be as safe driver in the long run. I strongly recommend him to anyone!

Callum Tuck

Callum passes his driving test

Callum passes his driving test

Easy to get along with instructor, learnt to drive with ease.