Independent Driving Instructor offering Driving Lessons in Norwich and Norfolk


I’d like to thank all 100+ pupils who passed their test with me and the many others who had some lessons for whatever reason. This was the best job I had in my entire working life and I didn’t even start it until my mid-fifties! 


I’m leaving the site up for a while as it has some useful resources that people still seem to look at but it will be taken down at some point.

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I am an independent driving instructor offering driving lessons in Norwich and Norfolk in manual gearbox cars only.

What you can expect if you learn to drive with me:

  • The freedom that being a car driver offers.
  • Better career opportunities (many jobs require a full driving licence)
  • Affordable driving lessons that get you to test standard quickly
  • To learn at your pace: “You are in the driving seat”
  • A calm, relaxed environment in which to learn
  • A sympathetic approach for the anxious, nervous or first timers
  • To have fun; a relaxed, alert driver makes a good driver
  • To drive a lot. We won’t be sitting on the side of the road studying books
  • Help with the theory test if needed
  • To talk to me, your driving instructor, when you call
  • A text the day before your lesson as a reminder
  • Flexibility in drivng lesson booking, no fixed regimented times on set days
  • For me to turn up; on time, every time
  • Flexible pick up and drop of, e.g. pickup from college, drop off at home etc.
What you WON’T get:

  • A big sales pitch trying to sell you lots of short, cheap lessons.
  • Lots of wasted time sitting on the side of the road not driving
  • Rigid, inflexible booking system with 48 hour cancellation notice
  • Shouted at
  • Bored
  • Pressurised to take more lessons than you need
  • Long calls to a call centre

Offering driving lessons in Norwich and Norfolk my emphasis is on you. I teach at your speed and it’s completely in your control.

No pressure, no flannel but a lot of fun. With me you’ll spend more time behind the wheel driving the car and I promise you’ll do that on your very first lesson.

I do my best to put you at ease and make learning to drive something you’ll look forward to. If you feel a bit apprehensive about driving then I completely get that. All it takes is enough courage to get in touch and within a few lessons you’ll feel far more relaxed about driving.

Ready to take the leap and get your driving licence? You won’t regret it!  Get in touch


I appreciate that it’s a nightmare trying to figure out which driving instructor to chose isn’t it? Clearly, I’d like you to choose me but why should you?

Mark Tuttle Driving Instructor
Driving Lessons in Norwich and Norfolk with Mark Tuttle ADI

I suspect price of driving lessons is high on the list but I hope that’s not the only thing. If it takes you lots of cheap lessons to pass your test it can cost you more in the long run. Check out my reviews page to find out what my pupils think of me. Not all instructors are reliable, conscientious, flexible and fully qualified. I am.

You’ll find my driving lessons very affordable and when I say you get more, I mean it. I don’t just turn up, give a lesson and drop you off. I believe in support all the way from confidence building to help with the theory test should you need it.

Most of your driving lessons will need to take place in and around Norwich (after all, that’s where the test routes are) so to save you money and time, when you get to a certain standard you can always make your own way to and/or from the city and I’ll collect you from the bus/train station etc. Or if you attend college, university etc we can start or end your lessons there. It’s up to you.

Pass your test with Mark Tuttle Driving Tuition
Pass your test with Mark Tuttle Driving Tuition

Finally, I’m not one to ‘blow my own trumpet’ but if you’d like to know how many people have passed with me? I’m just going to say it’s over 100 and still counting.

If you need insurance to drive someone else’s car in order practice the driving skills you learn with me then there are several companies offering short term insurance for learner drivers.

Several of my pupils have said good things about Marmalade Insurance