Sophie Whiteside

Sophie Whiteside_2

I would highly recommend Mark Tuttle to new learners or those with some experience. I started driving lessons at home in Northern Ireland but wanted to finish learning while I was studying at University. Mark is an absolutely fantastic teacher and a wonderful character which can be seen through his sense of humour, easy-going personality and is very chatty and friendly. One thing that outshines Mark compared to other instructors is his determination to teach you how to confidently drive for life, not to just pass your test. The experience that I gained from driving around Norwich, tackling different situations and settings was invaluable. Mark adjusts to your capabilities and focuses on your individual needs, using unique teaching methods to help you understand which I didn’t find with other instructors. He was always punctual and reliable and professional. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons with him which were fun and relaxed and also acted as a break from Uni life!!