Chris Long

I started learning to drive after taking a week long intensive driving course with a “Highly rated” company in Norwich which resulted with me feeling like I had learnt nothing had been almost put off driving altogether.

A few months later I decided to start looking for a new instructor and came across Mark’s website. During the first lesson Mark pretty much confirmed my thoughts about the intensive course, I needed to start from scratch.

As an instructor, Mark is patient, knowledgeable, honest and above all professional. He didn’t just teach me to pass the test, he taught me to be a good driver. Considering how nervous I was with driving when starting out I consider this quite an achievement!

Mark was affordable and flexible with when I could book in my lessons and would always remind me the day before a lesson with a handy text message.

I’m going to genuinely miss my lessons, learning with Mark was relaxing and we always managed to have a good chat about something that would take my mind off my nerves in the early days.

All in all, I couldn’t recommend Mark highly enough, if you’re on the fence about choosing an instructor I doubt you could do much better.

Cheers Mark!