Amy Hollingworth

Amy Hollingworth★★★★★ I just passed my driving test on the first attempt and would definitely recommend Mark. He is a brilliant driving instructor, with a hands-on approach and a laid-back, friendly personality. I really enjoyed all of my lessons with him; he made my lessons fun and relaxed. Whether you are a confident fast learner or more nervous, Mark adjusts to your capabilities and focuses on your individual needs. I was nervous in the beginning and towards my test, but Mark helped me to focus and keep calm, taking everything at my pace and letting me decide when I was ready for the next step. If you’re unsure about anything at all he will be happy to help, and it especially helps that he explains why to do things and not just how. Ultimately, his aim is to not only get you at a good enough stage to pass, but to make you a confident safe driver for life.