My YouTube Dash Camera Videos

I’m often asked why we need to check the left mirror as we exit a roundabout. Watch this video and see how the black Merc cuts me up. I wouldn’t have known it was there had I not checked my left door mirror. If you look closely at the start you can also see that to get there, the driver had to be in the wrong lane.

Here’s a nice rural sight I had on my way to pick up a pupil for her first ever driving lesson just outside Norwich. This fox finds an easy breakfast and doesn’t seem bothered about me one bit.

A146 dual carriageway towards Norwich. The driver of the green Peugeot is driving very slowly in the right hand lane. The following drivers get frustrated and start to (illegally) overtake in the left lane. 30MPH in the right hand lane is inappropriate and extremely dangerous!

A very impatient driver actually overtakes my pupil ON a pedestrian crossing. What do those zig zag lines mean again??

Two suicidal pedestrians stepping out in front of a learner driving, who I hasten to add is signalling correctly and get this .. ON THE SAME CORNER!! This has to be the most dangerous corner in Norwich.

This week’s offering from my dash cam is a compilation of 3 short clips that I’ve entitled “Judgement on Emerging”. Basically, it’s a ‘how not to’ .. since these 3 featured drivers aren’t too good at judging speed and distance. (Note that “white van man” makes an appearance again)

‘White Van Man’ has a reputation for, well, not being the best drivers on the road. Is this fair? Well the driver of this white van certainly doesn’t do anything to help their reputation, that’s for sure. This was in front of a learner driver in a tuition car, luckily my pupil was on the ball here and took the right action (with just a little accompanied muttering).

Watch the silver car behind the police van when it reverses. How close was that? !! My DashCam videosĀ are all taken during driving lessons in Norwich and Norfolk.