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DVSA Theory Test Practice

The DSA have a practice theory test session on their website for any pupils wanting to test their knowledge.

Theory Test Practice

Show Me / Tell Me Questions for Citroen DS3 and Kia Rio (2012~)

During your practical test you will be asked two questions about the car you are using for the test. I will be going through these questions and the answers in one of your driving lessons. I will hand out a printed copy of these but if you would like to view it electronically,

Show Me Tell Me Citroen DS3

Show Me Tell Me Kia Rio

(This seems to be a very popular link and is clearly hit by more than just my pupils. Feel free to download a copy to help you if you are a learner but be aware it is watermarked and copyrighted by me so may not be used by any other instructors)


Lost Theory Test Number?

Don’t panic if you’ve lost your theory test pass certificate number.

You’ll need it to book your practical test.

You can find it by following this link: Find your lost theory test pass number

The top five most difficult theory test questions

How well do you do on the 5 top most difficult theory test questions

The Good Egg Guide for New Drivers


The Good Egg New Drivers campaign is aimed at new drivers and their parents. The Good Egg manuals and website give top tips for new drivers and their parents including: buying and insuring their first car; preparing for the test and understanding the law. Good Egg is endorsed by Road Safety GB and Brake: The Road Safety Charity. The campaign website is https://www.goodeggdrivers.com

Banish the driving test nerves (well, significantly reduce them)

L2P front cover

I really recommend this book but I’ve not got any experience of the videos … yet. I’ve already used the handouts with a number of pupils, especially to help with confidence levels, so extracts from this book will be familiar to a few. The most significant was when a very nervous lady learner adopted the confidence building techniques and within a short time, quit the 15 year job she hated, passed her driving test first attempt, bought a car and got a new job. To say the least I was suprised at the transformation.

It’s not for everyone, I know, and some of it is a bit ‘out there’ but it seems to get results if you give it a try.

L of a way 2 Pass – Amazon Link

A Guide to Driving at Night | miDrive – YouTube

A Guide to Driving at Night | miDrive – YouTube.

If you fancy having one of your driving lessons after dark just talk to me. It can come as a bit of suprise the first time you get behind the wheel at night. It’s probably best when you get closer to test standard. Don’t forget part of the Pass Plus course is night driving too.