Check my licence

From 8th June 2015 you will no longer be supplied with a paper counterpart when your provisional licence arrives. The paper counter part used to hold information about any endorsements and driving bans. Even if you have one, it will no longer be updated with any information of your driving record. All the necessary information is now held on-line by the DVLA.

All driving instructors are required to check your licence before you can drive their car.

To enable me to check your licence you will need to visit the DVLA website and generate a specific, time sensitive code that I can use to ensure your licence is valid.

Before you start you will need three items of information. They are;

1) Your Driving Licence Number (Ignore the last 2 numbers on this row that are separate and are not part of your driving licence number) You need the part that is ringed in the picture below.









2) Your National Insurance Number

3) The post code of the address on your licence.

Now you can go to httpss://

This will open in a new window and should look like this:

View your driving licence information page

On the next page you will need to enter the information you have gathered earlier. The page will look like this:

DVLA Licence Information page

Now you need to click on ‘share licence information’ tab followed by the ‘Create a code’ button. Now either copy the code or write it down. (The code is case sensitive)

DVLA Check Code Page

DVLA Check Code

You should now have the code I require to check your licence. With it I can log into the DVLA Website and see information about your licence and THIS IS ALL I CAN SEE!

Be sure to complete the form below now so I can access the information. The code only lasts for 21 days.

I only need the last 8 digits of your driving licence number for this process but I will still need to see the plastic card part of your licence when we meet on your first lesson so be sure to bring it with you.

    Your Full Name

    The last 8 Digits of your driving licence number (It should follow the format 3 numbers, 2 letters, 1 number, 2 letters, such as 192GT2BD)

    The Check Code the DVLA site generated