Why does my car sound “clunky” when I change gears quickly?

Quite often a new pupil will try and change gears very quickly. This makes the gearbox clunky and it often feels difficult to get the car in gear. It’s quite difficult to explain to someone about synchromesh while they are learning to drive so I usually resort to just saying they need to change gear smoother and slower. Some of my pupils are more ‘geeky’ minded (like me) so here’s what I think is a good little video explaining what synchromesh is and how it works. It also shows how the movement of the gear lever translates into the different gears, and, why you need them.

Show Me / Tell Me for Kia Rio (new test from December 2017)

If you need the Show Me / Tell Me questions for the updated practical driving test then you’ll find them on the link below.

I’m happy for anyone learning to drive with any instructor to use these but note that these are copyright and not to be handed out by other instructors. Please make your own.

Show Me Tell Me Kia Rio (new test)

The following two videos were produced by the DVSA. They are certainly worth watching. Ensure you know the controls for the car you are taking the test in. They might be different. My Kia Rio has slightly different controls to the car in these videos.


Booking or changing your Theory and Practical Tests – all the links you need

Follow the link here : Book your Theory Test

The DVSA have been updating their website to add more information and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the most popular links you may need:

How bad IS texting whilst driving?

Just how much does texting or answering your mobile distract you while you’re driving.

This interesting little game produced by motors.co.uk aims to show you why it’s seriously a bad idea.

On my lessons I often highlight how a pupil’s driving has suffered simply because we’ve been talking about something and ask them to consider what would happen if I were replaced by one of their friends, their kids etc.

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